3M Command brand Hook



3M Command brand Hook

3M Command brand Hook

General purpose small utility hooks

  • holds strongly up to 450g

Packaging : One pack contain 2 hooks and 4 strips

Easy to use

  • forget about drilling holes for nail, screws
  • no tacks or messy adhesives

Easy to remove

  • comes off without damaging the surface
  • no more nail holes, chipped paint, markings or sticky residue left behind

Provide an easy and affordable way to decorate and organize your home, school and office

Application tips to save space, well organize storage and place

  • hang kitchen utensils on wall (including pots, pans, ladle, aprons, dish pad, cleaning rags, cutting board holder)
  • allow better bathroom items storage – soap dispenser holder,  towels, bathroom storage rack
  • room – hang mobile phone, hairdryer or other frequently used items for easy storage and retrieval
  • hang decorations or pictures on walls

Note :

  • Ensure surface is clean and smooth
  • Not suitable for application on surface that is moist, oily or temperature above 40ºC
  • For best results wait 12 hours before using
  • If less than 10ºC , warm surface with the fan heater
  • Not recommended for friable and valuable items, such as the clock, camera, glasses, jewel etc

 Repairs and Fixes