500w Tungsten Halogen Linear | 118mm


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500w Tungsten Halogen Linear 

500w Tungsten Halogen Linear  clear finish tungsten halogen bulb. Operates in horizontal

R7s Linear halogen bulbs is a long shaped bulb that is normally used in floor lamps, wall fittings and garden flood lights. There are two sizes available in 78mm being the smallest and 118mm the largest.
Wattages rang from 100w to 500w and the average lifetime of an R7 is around 3000 hours.

R7 bulbs are held securely in place by two contact points that are spring loaded. This makes it very easy when it comes to changing the lamp, as it’s simply a case of allowing the bulb to cool, then moving the bulb to one side to release it from the connector.

500w Tungsten Halogen Lamp

  • 118mm
  • 220-240v
  • 500w
  • R7s Socket

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