50w Osram Decostar Eco Halogen | 36 Degree


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50w Osram Decostar Eco Halogen | 36 Degree

50w Osram Decostar Eco Halogen – 36 Degree FL

Dichroic reflector lamp with a clear, integral front glass cover. Suitable for operation in open luminaries.
This halogen lamps have GU5.3 socket and diameter of 51mm.

Product benefits

  • Brilliant accent lighting
  • Significantly lower CO2 emissions compared to standard version
  • Constant luminous intensity and constant color location throughout the lifetime
  • Approved for use in open luminaires
  • Halogen
  • Energy saver SP
  • Pioneer IRC technology
  • The high transmission of the glass cover
    • maintains the brilliance of the dichroic reflector
    • while protecting it against deterioration from dust and humidity
  • Constant light colour
  • Constant light output
  • Cool beam
  • Filter UV
  • Contains no mercury

Product features:  48870  50w ≈ 75w

  • 50w
  • GU5.3
  • 12v
  • 36WFL
  • Made in Germany

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