Aquapatch Wet Surface Epoxy Putty


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Aquapatch Wet Surface Epoxy Putty

Aquapatch Wet Surface Epoxy Putty is a one piece epoxy compound that mixes by hand kneading and cures in minutes to a white colour can be applied above or underwater.It bonds permanently to a wide variety of materials such as fiberglass, metal,wood, concrete, ceramics, glass and many plastics.It will harden in approximately 15 – 20 minutes and can be shaped, filled, drilled, sand, sawn, painted over and even stained after final cure.It will bond tenaciously to damp, wet and immersed surfaces.Its does not leave messes and is non yellowing when exposed to U.V light.Also suitable for fresh and salt water.


  • Surfaces must be clean an free from loose particles like rust.
  • Cut the estimated amount of Aquapatch Wet Surface Epoxy Putty and hand mix it until the colour change from a greenish to white colour.
  • Apply white mixture onto the surface immediately.
  • mixture dries in approx 15 to 20 minutes
  • Remove any excess mixture before it hardens


Net weight: 28.4g