Aragon Self Adhesive Film


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Aragon Self Adhesive Film Designfolie

Aragon Self Adhesive Film Designfolie is excellent for decorating a stylish, individual ambience like decorating your kitchen cupboard doors and shelves, room, furniture or bathroom for a rough bringing a wonderful new aesthetic to your home. It’s so easy to use, simply peel & stick for instant creativity. Best self-adhesive film in terms of: adhesion, covering power, dirt/heat resistance, light resistance & shrinkage. d-c-fix® use water-based adhesive which make it possible to make adjustments while applying the film, but gives a high adhesive strength after 7 days and has a high light resistance against sunlight. d-c-fix® decor films can be applied to any dry flat surface and are fully removable.

Each is pack comes in with a 45cm x 2m roll.

Aragon Self Adhesive Film Designfolie : 

  • Adds a modern classic touch to your ordinary cliche items
  • Gives old furniture a new look
  • Great for covering old irremovable stains and scratches
  • Can be used on any dry flat surface – Fully removable

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