Araldite Zap contact Grip


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Araldite Zap contact Grip

Araldite Zap contact Grip is a flexible contact adhesive providing a permanent bond to surfaces such as vinyl, upholstery, rubber, leather, wood, canvas, cork, and hardboard.Suitable for bonding both absorbent and non absorbent surfaces. It is fast setting, long lasting and extra strong.


How to use

  • Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt or grease.Remove plastic nozzle and carefully pierce diaphragm.
  • Apply to both surfaces and spread evenly.Ensure surfaces are completely covered
  • Keep surfaces apart until adhesive is almost dry, approx 15 minutes
  • Position the items carefully, still keeping the surfaces apart.When the edges are perfectly aligned, press surfaces firmly together.Bonds immediately on contact. Clamping may be necessary in some applications. Allow 24 hours to achieve maximum strength.

Net weight: 15 ml