Bike Phone Holder | Waterproof

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Bike Phone Holder | Waterproof

Whether you are an avid cyclist or you enjoy a relaxing bike ride, having a bike phone holder for  your phone while you are out for a ride is very convenient. You can take advantage of all of the fitness tracking technology that’s available,use of GPS or quick access on your phone in case of an emergency. Having a bike phone holder mount can help keep you safe.  It also provides a sturdy and secure solution for keeping your phone safe and in place no matter how rough a trail may be.

Bike Phone Holder:

  • Universal Holder : Compatible with most ipod models, smartphones and MP3 player
  • Anti-skid Bike Handlebar Mount
  • High quality material
  • No tools required
  • Portable, it’s easy to keep out of view
  • 4.6-11.43cm expandable

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