Brass Bidet Toilet Spray Head | Anti Rust



Brass Bidet Toilet Spray Head | Anti Rust 

Brass Bidet Toilet spray head or health faucet is a triggered nozzle that delivers  a spray of water to help cleaning/washing after each toilet used. The handheld multifunction sprayer is preferred by most modern home-owners. Easy to use, with a control water pressed lever.
The bidet sprayer are fantastic for commercial bathrooms,especially in hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. Also ideal for care homes and educational institutes.

 Brass Bidet Toilet Spray Head

  • Stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle design for comfortable grip
  • Hand pressed lever to control and release the water flow force
  • Great for commercial and domestic use.

Tips for cleaning the spray head:
Place the bidet spray head in a container of vinegar and water
soak for 30mins and brush away dirt with a small brush


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