Colron Refined Beeswax | 400g


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Colron Refined Beeswax 400g

Colron Refined Beeswax has been developed using the finest traditional ingredients combined with time-honoured methods used by generations of craftsmen. Colron Refined Beeswax nourishes , feeds and protects fine interior wood, while enriching the wood’s natural patina. The traditional paste formulation which includes pigments and refined beeswax.Adding colour and a beauty luster to interior wood and furniture.

Please Note: 

  • This product is not suitable for use over previously waxed or varnished wood.(Use on bare wood)
  • Ensure that wooden surfaces to be treated are clean, dry and free from any dust, dirt or other surface contaminants.
  • All previous coating should be removed eg. wax or varnishes
  • Not suitable for places which will come in contact with excessive water.
  • If water is spilled onto the surface, gently dab with a absorbent dry cloth or tissue. Do not rub the wet surface or put hot items on it.


  1. Remove any existing waxes, varnishes or other finishes by sanding back to bare wood
  2. Remove any sanding dust before applying the beeswax
  3. Apply Colron Beeswax with a soft lint-free cloth in the direction of the wood grain
  4. Allow 15 minutes drying time
  5. Buff wax with a clean cloth in the direction of the grain
  6. Leave for 2 hours before applying a 2nd coat
  7. Increase the colour intensity and protection by adding more coats.

Clean up
Warning: Application Cloth may self-ignite without warning. Wash out well in warm soapy water before disposal or storage. Remove as much product as possible from brushes before washing. Do not empty into drains or watercourses.


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