Compression Vacuum Bag 70 x 100 cm



Compression Vacuum Bag 70 x 100 cm (1 pcs)

Compression Vacuum Bag are great for saving space in your  lagage during a a trip, save storage spaces in your house  for storing seasonal clothes, pillow, quilt, cotton dresses, feather dresses, carpets, sweater, formal wear and many other bulky items.

Benefits of using compression vacuum bags

  • Water proof
  • Protect against insects
  • Protects against odors
  • One way valve
  • Airtight and watertight double zipper

Using methods

  • place folded dry clothing, quilt and bedding into the bag 5 cm from the zip
  • close the bag from left to right making sure that it is well sealed
  • place an air cleaner or air pump to pump the air out from the bag.
  • close the valve and you are done.

Material : PA + PE

Household Product