Dicon III Extra Leather Polish | Mink Oil



Dicon III Extra Leather Polish | Waterproofs | Restores

Dicon III extra leather polish for finest leather goods, instant stain removal,conditions and softens leather.

Specially formulated and created for finest leather up holstery, car, boat, airplane seatings, cases, shoes, handbags and clothing. Its restores, softens, cleans, waterproofs, conditions, protects and shines. Content: 100 ml

Dicon III Extra Leather care


  • Apply Dicon III with a clean soft cloth onto the leather surface in a gently circular action.
  • Apply Dicon Mould Remover to eliminate any mould if needed.
  • Regular treatment will keep the leather in in tip-top condition.
    Shake well before use

 Cleaning / Polishing