FML27EX D Hitachi Day Light | 4 Pin


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FML27EX D Hitachi Day Light | 4 Pin

FML27EX D hitachi day light  a bright and compact three-wace fluorescent lamp. The light source is emitted by three wavelenghts of natural light.

FML27EX D hitachi three-wavelength power-saving lamp <<Japan original>>

Bright and light, extremely energy efficient. No UV/infrared, no burden to health.

Ideal for department stores, restaurants, supermarkets, boutiques, home lighting in general and downllights for office buildings, hotels and other commercial facilities in general.


Hitachi FML27EX-D DK (Compact Fluorescent lamp Paralight flat 27w)

  •  27w CFL Tube
  • 6700K day light
  • 1480 Im
  • 4 Pin
  • Lamp base G10q
  • Overall lenght 138mm
  • Made in Japan


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