Foldable Cooler Bag | Lightweight | Durable


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Foldable Cooler Bag | Lightweight | Durable

Foldable cooler bag are versatile. It is used to help maintain the temperature of its contents, keeping cold items cold and hot items hot. Super-useful, multi-purpose tote! It can also use as a wet gear bag, while it is not completely waterproof, it can still hold wet towels, swimsuits, wetsuits. Keep your car dry and your wet gear seperate from other stuff.

To maintain a longer period of the temperature needed:

  • Always put ice packs on top of food in cooler, as cool air falls, warm air rises. If you don’t hace ice packs, fill resealable bags with ice or freeze water bottles. Keeps cold for a much longer period.
  • Wrap the warm meal or lunch box in aluminum foil to help keep the heat in. Keeps warm for a much longer period.


  • L28cm x W16cm x H19cm
  • Size Small


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