Gardening Tools | 4 pieces | High quality


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Gardening Tools | 4 pieces  

Gardening Tools | 4 pieces which includes

  1. garden hand trowel for digging, removing and transporting soil
  2. transplanting trowel for digging the soil and transplanting seedlings
  3. garden fork to loosen the soil and turning the earth
  4. three-prong cultivator to loosen the soil and remove debris


  • Durable because
    • Products are produced with high-quality, special carbon steel
    • It is electrostatic powder painting for a better look and increase anti-oxidation protection
    • The shaft is highly resistant and produced with wood from renewable sources
  • A lightweight mini product set which therefore demands less physical effort from the user, certainly resulting in more pleasant work
  • Orange color
  • The wooden handle has a natural finish

For a flawless garden, first of all, you need the right tools such as the ones that make up this excellent set. Ideal to make this corner of your house perfect down to the tiniest detail. Composed of 4 lightweight tools manufactured in high-quality materials, ensuring pleasant work in the midst of nature.

Perfect for Bonsai’s.

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