Hand Pruner | Safety Lock | 18mm


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Hand Pruner with single-handed safety lock

Hand pruner is one of the most important and most used tool of a gardener.
A good pair of gardening pruners that will last you multiple seasons is something worth researching prior to purchasing.

Bypass pruners have a curved blade on top and a curved hook on the bottom. The curved hook on the bottom is used to hold the branch in place while the curved blade on top makes a clean cut. Bypass pruners are used on live plants because it allows for a clean cut that will not damage the branch or stem of the plant.


  •  Ergonomically shaped handles with 2 positions for power cutting and quick snipping
  •  Extra narrow cutting head makes for precision cutting of shoots and twigs
  • Upper blade non-stick coated, lower blade of stainless steel precision-ground blades
  • With sap drain and wire cutter
  • Single-hand safety lock


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