HG silver shine cloth | 30 x 30 cm



HG Silver shine cloth


HG silver shine cloth restores the shine to silver or silver-plated objects. Silver or silver-plated objects will retain their shiny appearance if you polish them with the HG silver shine cloth now and again. This special impregnated cloth is made of a top-quality fabric. Even slightly rusted silver and silver-plated objects shine again without any effort. The cloth’s size means that the silver does not need to be touched with bare hands, which prevents quick re-oxidization due to fingerprints. For objects with more oxidation we recommend HG silver shine cream or HG silver immersion bath

Polish the surface with the HG silver shine cloth until it starts to shine. If there is any oxidation that is difficult to remove, moisten the tip of the cloth and remove the oxidation. The cloth will retain its polishing power until it is completely worn.

Dimension : 30 x 30 cm

 Cleaning / Polishing