LED Stick Bulb Philips | 7.5w | E27 | Cool Day Light


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 LED Stick Bulb Philips  7.5w 

LED Stick Bulb Philips  – compact design ideal for downlight, slim luminaire applications.

– Optimized optical design for all around illumination.

LED is able to function without overheating and it does not radiate ultraviolet/infrared. There is no heat transferred along with LED light. Objects inches away from a super bright LED light beam will not get warm. The high output of LED can redirect the heat from the sensitive circuits of the device into heat-sinks

LED Stick Bulb Philips   

  • E27
  • 7.5w
  • 220 -240v
  • 750 Im
  • Cool Day light
  • Delivers glare-free light that’s easy on the eyes
  • Easy Installation

*** LED 7.5w   = CFLI 14w   = GLS 65w