Pre baited Lizard (Gecko) Glue Traps



Pre- Baited Lizard (Gecko) Glue Traps

Lizard (Gecko) Glue Traps

Very effective, Efficient, Easy to use

Usage instructions:

  1. Peel off pre-baited inner adhesive.
  2. Insert one end of the Trap into one of the two slots on the other end to form a housing box. The outer slot is used to form a bigger housing box when the Trap is placed in open area, while the inner slot is used to form a flatter box when the Trap is placed in inner areas (eg. drawers).
  3. Peel off outer adhesive and paste the Stick-All-Lizards (Gecko) Glue Trap on any surface.
  4. Dispose Stick-All-Lizards (Gecko) Glue Trap properly.

After peeling off inner adhesive, Stick-All-Lizards (Gecko) Glue Trap is effective for usage for about two months before glue starts to cure.

Stick-All-Lizards (Gecko) Glue Trap is safe for children and pets. Caution young children to avoid getting stuck to the lizard glue trap. Once in contact with skin, simply apply cooking oil to dissolve the glue.

Contents: 2 pre-packed sets

Note: Place the lizard glue trap in places where lizards are most rampant.

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