Master Torch | Adjustable Flame Control | Refillable


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Master Torch Refillable

Master Torch is perfect for cooking and catering for example, flaming , caramelizing browning, adding color and texture to food.It is also great for lighting bbq’s and fire as well as thawing frozen water pipes plus other plumbing works.


  • Powerful flame temperature of up to 1,300 degrees °C
  • Self-igniting built-in piezo ignition
  • Easy to use push’n twist gas cartridge attachment
  • Light compact desgin
  • Adjustable flame control
  • Anti-flare after 2 minutes preheating ( The appliance can be used at any angle without flaring after preheating)


  • Size :205 x 40 x 73 mm
  • Calibre of sprout : 22 mm in diameter
  • Consumption of gas : 15og/h
  • Type of gas : Butane
  • Vapour pressure-Butane


  • Accessible parts may be very hot .Keep away from young children
  • Be Careful of the possible flaring which may occur during the 2 minutes of preheating
  • Appliance should not be angled more than 15 degrees from the vertical upright position
  • Appliance can be used at any angle after the preheating for 2 minutes without flaring

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Weight 203 g