Max Bond Construction Adhesive


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Max Bond Construction Adhesive (Beige)

Max Bond Construction Adhesive is a premium grade, multi purpose, solvent based construction adhesive that guns out easily in all conditions and adheres to most common building materials. Max bond provides a long lasting bond, ideal for installing sub floors, wallboard, architraves and skirting boards. Safe on mirrors when directions are followed.Not recommended for mirrors on ceilings, freshly painted surfaces, waterproof surfaces, wallpaper, copper based material, constant water immersion, vinyl backed mirrors with safety backed film and application requiring elastic properties . Bond will be maintained between -10 °C and 50 °C when cured.Strong bond develops after 24 hours.Full cure after 7 days. 


  •  All surfaces must be cleaned and free from dust, oil or other contamination.Sand painted surfaces
  • Cut off tip of the cartridge and pierce inner foil seal.Cut nozzle to desired size.
  • Fit nozzle to cartridge.Use continuous wavy beads spaced at 30 -40 cm intervals along flat surfaces, or on joists, battens or studs.
  • Within 10 minutes fit surfaces together and press firmly.(can be positioned up to 20 minutes)
  • If bond is under immediate stress, support or clamp until a strong bond develops
  • Heavy load applications eg sub floors, use nails or screw in addition to max bond.
  • For faster bonding for mirrors , apply to one surface only, press together, tilt panel back to allow solvent to escape then brace until set.
  • For bonding mirrors, apply a 5 mm wide bead every 20 cm .Do not apply in blobs

Net weight: 320 g