Mink Oil Original Dicon | No Silicone



Mink Oil Original Dicon | No Silicone 

Apart from suede, mink oil original Dicon can be used nearly all types of leather footwear including oil tanned, full grain and smooth finished leather. It is used for conditioning, preserving, waterproofing and weather-guarding against mildew, salt, mould etc..  Made in France. Content: 60 ml

Mink Oil Original Dicon 

  • Prevents damage, Drying and cracking caused by sunlight and moisture.
  • Soften, conditions and waterproof.
  • Mink oil original keeps leather alive and make it more comfortable.
  • No silionce, will not harm stitching threads.
  • Prevents salt stains that can damage or destroy leather.
  • Ideal for: leather shoes, boots, jackets, saddles, watch straps, belts, handbags, wallet ,delicate garment leather.
  • Excellent for tooled or grooved leather or leather upholstry.
  • Also suitable for rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather and fiberglass.


  1. Apply to dry surface only.
  2. Use a clean cloth or soft brush.
  3. Allow 5 minutes to penetrate.
  4. Wipe off the excess.


  • Darkens certain leathers, if the leather doesn’t change colour from water, mink oil original will not change it either.


 Cleaning / Polishing