Morris Safe Box | Fire Resistant | 53 KG


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Morris Safe Box | Fire Resistant | 53 KG

Morris Safe Box  is secure and cost- effective. Save your valuables from vandalism, robberies, fire, floods, storms, earthquakes and other factors that might cause loss or damage to the things. Ideal for home and office use.

Benefit of having a Safe Deposit Box at home:-

  • Vital Documents- birth certificates, marriage certicates, stock certificates, insurance policies
  • Valuables – foreign currency, money, jewellery
  • Protection from a disaster – burglary, fire, floods, earthquarkes
  • Peace of mind – important items are in a protected place from unauthorized people

Morries safe Box  Dial/Safe Key MS-17TD
 – Fire Protection minimum 1 hr at 927 deg celsius(JIS)
– Capacity 21 L
– Weight 53 Kg
– External: W344mm x H393mm x D486mm
– Internal:  W214mm x H 272mm x D357mm
– Accessories – removable shelf ( Steel ) on top


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