Mosquitoes Repellent Vaporizer


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Mosquitoes Repellent Vaporizer

Mosquitoes Repellent Vaporizer

  • A fantastic option to keep the mosquitoes, houseflies and other insects away, in comparison with the coils which emit smoke and cause uneasiness when inhaled
  • MosQuit Mosquito Repellent Vaporizer is a natural alternative to chemical based repellents
    • Made up of products out there in nature, the ingredients is a blend of extracts from plants such as Lemongrass, Mint, Essential Oil and Aqua.  An all natural based repellent that doesn’t cause any side effects is your best option
    • Bio-degradable
  • Contain natural botanical extracts
    • no side-effects
    • non-toxic
    • environmental-friendly
  • Air refreshing
  • Aromatherapy
  • 230ml

Area coverage : 400 sq feet

Usage : up to 50 days

Mosquitoes, even though their size is small, care must be taken in keeping them away from you as diseases can be spread by them.

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