Philips Scene Switch LED Bulb 9.5w E27


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Philips Scene Switch LED Bulb 9.5w E27

Philips LED Scene Switch 9.5w equivalent to 60w

A new innovation, the Philips Led Scene Switch  bulbs allow homeowners to personalize their space and create different ambience that match their moods…

LED is able to function without overheating and it does not radiate ultraviolet/infrared. There is no heat transferred along with LED light. Objects inches away from a super bright LED light beam will not get warm. The high output of LED can redirect the heat from the sensitive circuits of the device into heat-sinks

Philips LED Scene Switch – color change

  • E27
  • 9.5w
  • 220 -240v
  • 806 Im
  • 2 in 1 dual function (Warm White & Cool Day Light )
  • Delivers glare-free light that’s easy on the eyes
  • Easy Installation