Plastic Film Sealer FR300L | 300mm Length



Plastic Film Sealer FR300L 

Plastic Film Sealer FR300L is a 300mm wide desktop sealer that connects to a power outlet and can be used immediately.
A heat sealing for all kinds of plastic bags, whether for business or personal use, such as machinery, electrical parts, bolts, confectionery, snacks, pet foods, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, vegetable bags, etc..
It is convenient and easy operation for adjusting the heat time according to your material thickness.

Plastic Film Sealer for PP/PE/NYLON PAPER BAG

Type :                   : FR300L
Seal Length         : 30cm (L)
Max. Thickness  : 0.4mm
Weight                 : 3.8 kg

Watt                     : 400w
Volt                      : 100v
Compact and Portable 

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