Selley Maple Plastic Wood


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Selley Maple Plastic Wood

Selley Maple Plastic Wood is fast setting wood filling cement containing natural wood fibers.It is suitable for all types of wood work, sets to a hard finish and is ideal for filling holes, dents and chips .Plastic, glued sanded, planed, painted and lacquered within hours.It has minimal shrinkage and not flexible.Use salleys no more gap for filling surfaces where structural movement occurs( available in


  • Surfaces must be cleaned, dry and free from loose materials.
  • Apply with a putty knife.Slightly overfill deep holes to allow sanding. Do not fill more than 6mm in each application.
  • Allow to dry before sanding,staining or painting.
  • Cleanup putty knife with Mentholated spirits.
  • Replace cap tightly.

Net wight:50 g