Selleys All Clear


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Selleys All Clear

Selleys All Clear
Multipurpose Co-polymer Sealant

Seals out Water
Works on Wet Surfaces
Crystal Clear Finish
Mould and Mildew Resistant
Interior and Exterior Use

Selleys All Clear is a high grade sealant that seals out water, providing long lasting protection. It is also quick and easy to apply giving a clear finish, ideal for interior / exterior applications on most building surfaces. Water resistant; Strong adhesives; Will not crack or dry out; Resistant to mould and mildew; Paintable.

Suitable For : Window Frames, Glazing, Roofs, Guttering, Brick, Cement, Timber, Sinks, Basins, Many Plastics.

Crystal Clear Finish
Also for Wet & Oily Surfaces

For materials Of : Glass, Aluminium, Glazed ceramics & porcelain, Stainless steel, Many plastics, Most woods, Rubber, Canvas.

Wet Surfaces : Can be applied to clean wet non-porous surfaces e.g. metals, glass, glazed tiles – not wet porous surfaces e.g. concrete, timber. Remove as much water as possible, preferably with acetone. keep nozzle close to surface immediately. Flatten immediately into joints. Adhesion improves on drying.
Drying Time : Skins immediately, maximum toughens achieved over severals days.
Overpainting : Paintable immediately with water-based paint. For oil-based paints, undercoat first with a water-based paint.
Clean Up : Turps. Remove dried sealant from skin gently rubbing with petroleum jelly.

Directions : Do Not Swallow

  1. Use in a well ventilated area. avoid contact with skin and eyes.
  2. Surface must be clean, dry, ree from dust, loose particles & soap residues. If required, clean with turps.
  3. Carefully pierce seal at end of metal tube with reverse end of cap.
  4. Attach nozzle to tube and cut size at 45°.
  5. Hold tube at 45° angle and ush sealant ahead of nozzle.
  6. Apply firmly into joint or onto surface.
  7. Smooth sealant surface immediately with tool dipped in turps.

Note : Not for permanent water immersion e.g. fish tanks.
Can be applied to clean, wet non-porous surfaces e.g. metal and glass.
May attack some plastics. Pre-test before use.
If painting with solvent based paints, first undercoat with water based paint.