Selleys Multi Grip Clear multipurpose Adhesive


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Selleys Multi Grip Clear multipurpose Adhesive

Multi Grip Clear multipurpose Adhesive is fast drying adhesive that dries c;ear.Suitable for household items ,crafts, hobby uses, toys and jewellery, leather goods and kitchen utensils.


  • Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt or grease.Remove plastic nozzle and carefully pierce diaphragm.
  • Squeezing gently, apply to both surfaces and spread evenly.Ensure surfaces are completely covered.Press surface together and clamp or hold firmly for approximately 1-2 mintues util adhesive grabs.
  • Instant bond can be achieved on contact by waiting approximately 1 minute before pressing part firmly together.
  • Allow approximately 10-12 hours for drying to achieve strength suitable for normal use .Maximum bond strength is achieved after 24 hours or longer if surface is larger or non porous like PVC .
  • After application, cleean nozzle,and replace cap.Any spills can be removed by acetone.(found in nail polish removers)

Net weight:30 ml