Selleys Supa Glue Single Shot


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Selleys Supa Glue Single Shot

Selleys Supa Glue Single Shot bonds in 10 seconds and is a self piercing tube.Bonds to most non-porous materials eg, metal, rubber, plastic, wood.Dries colorless with a maximum bond strength after 10 hours.Heat and water resistance .One drop holds a tonne providing the bond area to exceeds 650 meter square and there is no gap between surfaces.Not suitable to use on paper, leather, polypropylene, polythene or teflon. Will not permanently bond glass or materials containing alkaline elements.Note: Not suitable for recommended for repairing handles of vessels containing hot liquids.



  • Pierce seal at the end of the tube by attaching nozzle and cap and turning clockwise.
  • Remove cap and apply small amount of glue to one surface.
  • Bring surface together, and apply slight presure.
  • Allow several mintues to set.maximum bond strength will be reached after 12 hours.

Net weight: 3 x 1 g