Stainless Steel Bidet Spray Head | Anti Rust


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Stainless Steel  Bidet Spray Head | Anti Rust

Stainless Steel bidet spray head can stay rust-free and sturdy even after years of use. Easy to install. This handheld multifunction sprayer is preferred by most mordern home-owners and for commercial bathrooms,especially in hotels, restaurants, care homes and educational institutes.

Stainless steel bidet spray head

  • Anti rust easy to clean and stays rustproof in the humid bathrooms
  • Multi-Functions
  • Hand pressed lever to control and release the water flow force
  • Great for commercial and domestic use.
  • Ideal for pet shower

    **Tips for cleaning the bidet spray head:
    Place the bidet spray head in a container of vinegar and water
    soak for 30mins and brush away dirt with a small brush

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