Universal TV Remote Control



Universal TV Remote Control

Universal TV Remote Control

Common LCD/LED TV Remote Control
Model number: RM-L815+3

RM-L815+3 is the newest universal LCD/LED TV remote controller.
Comprehensive care at different levels need, it can control old or new TV, famous band or un-famous brand TV, nearly all models for TV.
Commonly used functions and menu button all including.
Easy setup, conveniently use, it is the best choice for your remote controller losing, damage, replacement, it will bring more convenient for your life.


  • Operable distance: More than 8 metres
  • Power requirements: DC 3V
  • Battery type: Two size AAA batteries

Brand searching

  1. Turn on your TV set, let your TV set be in the normal state play, and aim the remote controller in the front of the TV. Find out the corresponding brand of your TV on this remote control, for example, SUPRA = “MENU”.
  2. Press and hold the corresponding brand button for 6 seconds, the indicator lamp will flash, when the volume symbol appears on your TV, release button at once, the indicator lamp will turn off, set to be finished.

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