WEPOS Polishing Paste | 150 ml


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WEPOS polishing paste

WEPOS polishing paste can be used on gold, silver, brass, copper and stainless steel made products.

Therefore, you can use on jewelry, cutlery, cooking utensils, musical instruments, medals, door fittings, letterboxes and most other metals.   So, all other household objects made from these materials are applicable.  Similarly car and motor-bike rims and chrome parts too.

You may use polishing paste to:

  • Remove stubborn dirt, rusty surfaces/oxidation layers, fingerprints and deposits.
  • Restore brilliant shine to tarnished surfaces.
  • Remove rust.

Directions for use: First of all, rub the paste evenly on the surface.  Then use a soft cloth to polish to a shiny lustre which is free of smears

Dimension :

  • Diameter – 7.8 cm
  • Height – 3.4 cm
  • Weight : 150ml

Made in Germany

 Cleaning / Polishing

Additional information

Weight 235.10 g
Dimensions 7.7 x 7.7 x 3.6 cm