Wessbond Neutral RTV


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Wessbond Neutral RTV

Wessbond Neutral RTV

Silicone Sealant

Wessbond Silicone Sealant Glazing and Building Sealant is a one component RTV silicone rubber sealant hat reacts with the moisture present in air to form a strong, durable and long life resilient rubber.

It will adhere to clear glass, metals, many plastics, painted surfaces, aluminium, galvanized steel, stone, concrete, and masonry surfaces.
Suitable to seal and weatherproof window, door frame, roofing, rainwater and cladding joints.

The sealant has excellent resistance to cold, rain, ozone, heat and sunlight.
It may be applied in sub-zero weather (-35°C) without loss of physical property characteristics.

Not recommended for plazas, decks, pavements etc.

Application Directions :

  1. Ensure surfaces are clean and dry. Completely remove all dirt and grease.
  2. Cut nozzle at desired bead size, apply bead of sealant.
  3. Most paint will no adhere to silicone. Surfaces should be painted first, then seal.
  4. Silicone forms a tack free skin in about 1 hour. Tooling is not practical after this skin begins forming, and should become completed within 10 minutes of applications.

Ready for use
Seal, Bond, Mend
Make Gaskets

Weight : 300g

Please specify the choice of colour you want the Wessbond Neutral RTV to be.

Colours : White, Clear.