Wet Feet House Lizard Extermination


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Wet Feet House Lizard Extermination

Wet Feet House Lizard Extermination

This formula is easy to use. Simply spray the formula on the lizard itself.

As lizards are fast moving cold-blooded animals,
It takes a few hours for the formula to take effect on the lizards.

If you do not want to spray on the lizards directly,
An alternative way is to monitor the movements of the lizards and spray the Lizard Exterminator at the affected areas.

  • A good way is to find places where lizards’ droppings can be found and spray this product along these areas.
  • Lizard Exterminator acts as a repellent and lizards will naturally avoid the sprayed areas.
  • But if the lizards happen to crawl past these areas, they will die within a few hours.

Reapply formula every 2 weeks to ensure continual effectiveness of the Lizard Exterminator as a repellent.


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