Xstamper pre-inked stamps

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Xstamper pre-inked stamps 

Xstamper pre-inked stamps are the premier brand in pre-inked stamps and custom ink stamps.

Our Xstamper pre-inked stamps are a top quality product designed to last for years.  Xstampers feature a laser engraved die for durability, ABS plastic construction, and the stamps are loaded with enough ink for 50,000 impressions.

  • All Xstampers are re-inkable for usage beyond the initial 50,000 impressions.  Xstampers may cost more a little more up front, but when you consider how much longer they last than the competition,
  • Xstamper pre-ink custom ink stamps are the better value because they deliver the lowest cost per impression.
  • Eliminates the need for messy stamp pads. A retractable frame keeps the stamp surface out of contact with your desk.
  • Our built-in reservoir re-inking system adds years of service to your Xstamper.
    Xstamper provides several tens of thousands of crisp and clean impressions before requiring additional ink.
  • After the first several tens of thousands of impressions, just a few drops of Xstamper ink is all you need for the next several tens of thousands of impressions.

Customize your pre-inked Xstamper stamps or choose from a stock stamp.

 Available in many sizes, please email or contact us for pricing quote.