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  • 20 Metre Gardena Classic Hose 13mm | With System Parts | 1/2″

    • 20  metre  hose  long 13mm (1/2″) hose ideal for use in medium sized gardens, able to withstand up to 22bar pressure and designed to always keep its shape
    • Made from tough, UV-resistant PVC for exceptional flexibility and first-rate durability
    • Compatible with all Gardena Original System accessories
  • 4pcs Garden Hose Nozzle Set

    • Handheld product with a trigger-style nozzle.
    • Perfect for simple watering tasks like flowers or plants and remove coarse dirt around the garden.
    • Easy quick connect system
    • Made from high quality materials.
    • Threaded tap connector fits 95% of all outdoor taps.
  • Aquazoom 350/3

    • Ideal sprinkler for watering
    • Gardening tools
    • Rectangular areas
    • Fully Adjustable Width Control
    •  Adjustable range and width of spray
  • Brass Nozzle 4inch

    • Made of heavy duty solid brass
    • High pressure water flows stainless steel clamps
    • Strong blowing force
    • Watering small/medium-sized areas
  • Circle Pulse Sprinkler

    • Robust metal
    • Plastic combination
    • Watering
    • Irrigates large areas
    • High-precision brass nozzle
  • Circular Sprinkler

    • Watering medium-sized areas and gardens.
    • Removable dirt filter
    • Easy to clean
    • Can be easily set in 7 steps – select a sector from 90° to 360° in 45° steps.
    • The sturdy, stable-standing plastic sled with metal inserts guarantees secure positioning in the lawn.
  • Circular Water Sprinkler | Compact

    • Guarantees even water distribution for areas with maximum 225 m² and a range of maximum 8.5 m.
    • Easy adjustment
      Because you only need to set up the desired irrigation sector easily in 7 steps – select a sector from 90° to 360° in 45° steps.
    • Stable stand
      This is because the sturdy metal spike guarantees secure positioning in the lawn.
    • Extendable
      Several Circular Sprinklers Vario can be connected in a row. Therefore, you can irrigate large areas in a targeted manner.
    • Easy maintenance
      Thanks to the fine-mesh, removable dirt filter, the sprinkler is especially easy to clean.
  • Garden Empty Hose Reel

    • Lightweight
    • Compact hose with integral carry handle for portability
    • Revolving connector axle stops hose twisting for consistent flow
    • Rust and corrosion-resistant
    • Holds up to 60m
    • Easy and convenient to use
  • Garden Hose Connector

    • Quick Fitting
    •  Hose Connector provides a secure watertight connection
    • Comfortable grip for ease of use
  • Garden Hose Fitting

    • Quick Fitting
    •  Hose Connector provides a secure watertight connection
    • Comfortable grip for ease of use
  • Garden Hose Spray Nozzle

    • Quick fit to your garden hose
    • Universal male hose connector
    • For vehicle cleaning, home cleaning, watering, washing the window
    • The product is using a high-quality plastic
  • Garden Pruning Shear

    • 65# Manganese steel Heavy Duty Blade.
    • Steel Pipe handle,durable non-slip, comfort grip.
    • Ergonomic Handle.
    • Blade Material: Carbon Steel
  • Garden Threaded 2 in 1 Tap Connector

    • Hose tap connector size: 3/4″ with 1/2″ adapter
    • Will fit all outdoor taps
    • Quick Fitting
  • Garden Twist Tie | Flexible Plastic | 100 Meter



    • PVC green plastic coated cable with bayonet scissors cut, convenient,widely suitable for supporting and fixing various flowers in your garden
    • Multifunctional gardening tool, fixed plants, binding bags, prick lines etc….
    • Ideal for fruit and ornamental trees, vineyards and garden yard plant allowing the proper growth of the plant without strangling.
    • Simply just twist and tie
    • Length approximately 100m
  • Gardena Aquaroll M Unmounted

    • GARDENA AquaRoll M enables space-saving storage of the garden hose
    • Convenient to use
    • Ergonomic crank with soft plastic components reliably rewinds the hose
    • Watering accessory can be hung on the practical holding clip on the top frame.
    • Innovative frost-resistance
    • Made in Germany
    • Max capacity: 60m – 1/2” (13mm), 50m – 5/8” (15mm), 35m – 3/4” (19mm)
  • Gardena Circle Pulse Sprinkler



    • Area coverage min : 75 m²
    • Area coverage max : 490 m²
    • Range of Spray (m) : 5 m – 12.5 m
  • Gardena Classic Hedge Clippers 540

    • The hedge clippers are especially robust and long-life
    • The sturdy, wave-ground blades are bright galvanized and allow a smooth and efficient cut
    • Through the ergonomically formed wooden handles, the hedge clippers lie especially pleasant in the hand
    • With the use of the integrated branch-cutter, individual, thicker branches can be efficiently cut
    • The Hedge Clippers have a total length of 54 cm
  • Gardena Gardeners Folding Saw 135P


    Features & Benefits

    • Outstanding ergonomics, top-quality materials.
    • A clean and smooth cut
    • The saw can be locked in different positions
    • It is safe in both open and closed condition
    • Safe storage. Simply fold the product up, lock it securely and store it safely
    • This saw has a total length of 135 mm
    • Crossed toothing, Special toothing for cutting on pull action
  • Gardena Gardeners Saw 400

    • The GARDENA Gardeners’ Saw 400 is ideally suited for an especially smooth pulling cut through fresh and dry wood.
    • The impulse-hardened toothing with triple grinding has a long life and allows especially effort-saving sawing.
    • Thanks to the precision toothing, the saw is high-performance and smooth in operation.
    • Through the hardened, hollow-ground blade and free-ground precision toothing, the saw achieves especially smooth and clean cuts.
    • The hard-chrome plated blade protects against rust.
    • The Gardeners’ Saw has a total length of 400 mm and has an eyelet and a blade cover for safe storage.
  • Gardena Hose Trolley 60TS

    • Gardena hose trolley 60 ts is ideal for medium to large gardens. The specially formed foot for high standing security
    • Large profiled smooth running wheels and innovative assembly of handles, allows comfortable and easy pulling with any body height.
    • Height adjustable handles makes storage easy
    • The angled hose connection prevents hose from kinking while being wound onto trolley
    • Folding crank handle prevent breakage while storing or transporting


  • Gardena Metal Hose Trolley 60

    • Stable metal construction with a specially shaped supporting foot
    • The convenient metal crank handle allow 60 m of hose to be cleared away quickly
    • Non-slip profile wheels and height-adjustable handle with hand protection
    • No dripping after watering
    • Made in Germany
  • Gardena Premium Hedge Clipper

    • Powerful robust tool manufactured to high quality standards for professional hedge trimming.
    • Fully-hardened blades with bright cutting edges.
    • With integral branch cutter.
    • Serrated-ground blades for a sustained smooth efficient cut.
    • For professional cutting of large high hedges.
    • Extra long double curved aluminium arms for greater reach and optimum transfer of force.
    • Soft plastic grips for a pleasant feel and better grip when cutting.
    • Premium quality
    • Total length: 75cm, blade length: 25cm.
  • Gardena Wall Mounted Auto Hose Reel Box 15

    • Watering garden
    • Easy and convenient
    • Desired length
    • Locking device
    • Roll-up automatic
  • Gardena Wall Mounted Auto Hose Reel Box 25

    • Roll-up automatic makes watering
    • Easy and convenient
    • Flexibly water your garden
    • Hose to the desired length
    • Hose swivelled on the wall by 180°
  • Gardena Water Timer

    • Gardena Mechanical tap timer will turn the water off  after any time you set, up to two hours
    • Made in Germany
    • UV resistant plastic.
    • Comes with the suitable fittings to attach it to almost and garden tap
    • Click on a regular hose and sprinkler.
    • Battery is not required