16 Inches Wooden Handle Tongs


  • Special stainless steel for enhanced performance
  • Unique spring less design eliminates bacteria-prone food traps
  • Length: 16″ 40.50cm
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16 Inches Wooden Handle Tongs

Perfect for BBQ and cooking. For flipping and grabbing.

Perfect for serving salads or cooking on stove.

Large 16″ tongs – Perfect for BBQ, grilling and large enough to protect hands from heat.

Lift Heavy food with confidence: you can easily grip and lift your foods. Enjoy it when serving your salad or pasta, or your just finished grilling food

16″ (40.5 cm), Wooden handle, stainless steel, 20 ga., springless design, ergonomic handle, heat resistant to 180° F (82.1 C)


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Weight500 g
Dimensions30.50 cm