50w 12v G53 Osram Halospot 111 | Dimmable


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50w 12v G53 Osram Halospot 111 | Dimmable 

50w 12v G53 Osram Halospot 111 reliable and cost-effective ensuring savings on maintenance costs and are great alternative to the old incandescent with G53 base type which allows them to fit perfectly in your old fixtures.

Osram Halospot 111 Standard 

  • 50 watt
  • 12 volt
  • G53
  • Beam Angle 24 degree
  • 54 kwh/1000h
  • 510Im
  • UV Filter
  • Dimmable

Advantages of a UV filter:

  • Reduced discolouration caused by UV
  • Reduced bleaching caused by UV
  • Reduction of stress to material caused by UV within the bulb

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