50w LED Floodlight | Warm White / Daylight | IP65


Outdoor Or Indoor  LED Flood Light

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50w LED Floodlight | Warm White / Daylight | IP65

SUNSHINE – 50w LED floodlight. Daylight / Warm White

Made of die casting aluminum alloys body and tempered glass.
When it comes to the visibility of outdoor yards, LED floodlight play a crucial, irreplaceable role.

Apart from the usual function of lighting up the environment, Led spotlights add an exceptionally appealing decoration element, they complement the outdoor landscaping and pump up the visual appeal and curb value of your lawn.
These powerful lights are used in warehouses, theaters, stadiums, squares as well as house perimeters.

10w LED Floodlight Britz

  • BR-LED136     IP65
  • LED 3000K / 6500 k  10w
  • Warm White /  daylight Light
  • Operating Voltage – AC100-240V    50/60HZ
  • Operating Flux Output Lamp expected – -40oc -80oC
  • Beam Angle    120o – 150o


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