Bottle Can Opener


  •  Slim and lightweight design
  • Comes with a bottle cap opener built into one of the handles
  • Easy to use with comfortable handle.
  • Smooth and easy usage.
  • Easy to clean
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Bottle Can Opener

Bottle Can Opener is a kitchen utensil that is used to enable bottles and cans to be easily opened with leverage.

The opener is formed with a die-cut opening that enables this utensil to be angled over a cap so it can be lifted up to remove crimped caps from the top of bottles.

It also has a slim and lightweight design and comes with a bottle cap opener built into one of the handles.

Smooth easy usage with comfortable handle and easy to clean people tend to use it more often.

Usage: Hold the can with your left hand, secure the guard at the edge of the canand puncture it using the pointed edge of the opener.

Lifting the opener with a quick and firm move will rip a part of the can. , giving you access to pour out the contents.

Can opener to works:  Your right hand turns the knob clockwise. As the knob is turned, the feed wheel grips the lip.

Then the opener cuts through the lid. The can rotates naturally as you work your way around.





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