Casa Milan Luxurious Non-slip Microfiber Bath Rug | Water Absorbent | Machine Washable | 50 X 80cm


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Casa Milan Luxurious Non-slip Microfiber Bath Rug

SOFT & FLUFFY: Pamper your feet with Casa Milan luxurious bath rug which consists of thousands of individual microfibres, soft and soothing for your feet. The thick fibres shield your toes from the cold ground. Each microfiber is approximately 2cm long. Every time you step out of the shower or bathtub, you will enjoy the ultimate in comfort.

HIGH ABSORPTION: The super soft and thick, shaggy surface protects your floors from dripping water when you step out of the bathtub or shower. The quick drying fibres allow the carpet to dry quickly and cleanly.

ANTI SLIP: The back of the non-slip bathroom mat is made of TPE material to prevent it from slipping. Before laying, make sure the floor is dry, as water under the carpet can cause it to slip.

WASHING MACHINE SAFE: Both the microfibres and the TPE layer used in the mat are machine washable.

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