D Shackle 3mm | Stainless Steel


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D Shackle 3mm | Stainless Steel

D Shackle 3mm

  • A hinged metal loop secured with a quick release locking pin mechanism.
  • Fastened with a bolt and nut across its opening.
  • Can be used for a number of purposes, from sailing to industrial rigging.
  • Shackles are used to connect ropes or cables in many types of rigging systems such as boats or ships, rigging used in the construction industry and industrial cranes.
  • The big advantage of shackles is that they can be used to quickly connect and disconnect the different parts of the rigging system.
  • Usually used to handle bidirectional loads.
  • Anywhere a strong, reliable and quick release connection is needed, a shackle will usually do the job.
  • Smaller sizes are more suitable for lighter loads.
  • Small and compact size makes it easy and convenient to use.

Material : Made of Stainless Steel

Size : 3mm

Weight : 4g

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