Dicon Leather Care | Restores Original Colour



Dicon Leather Care | Restores Original Color

Dicon leather care help keeps leather clean, conditioned and soft. Removes dirt and stains effectively.

Many of us appreciate the elegance and comfort that comes with a leather sofa, couch or armchair.

Leather is a fragile material. This is why you have to be very  careful in  your choice of cleaning product.
The longevity of leather is directly related to the frequency and the quality of its maintenance. Soiled leather will lose its lovely shine and flexibility.

Dicon Leather Care cleaning & nourishing cream – 110g

  • Keeps leather clean, conditioned and soft
  • Removes dirt and stains effectively
  • Conceals minor scratches
  • Restores original colour
  • Protects leather from weathering
  • Prolongs life of leather
  • Ideal for genuine leather and synthetic materials such as PVC & vinyl
  • Made in Germany

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