Dicon Metal Shine Lotion


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Dicon Metal Shine Lotion

Dicon Metal Shine Lotion is the gentle polisher that removes stains and tarnishes.So gentle that it is suitable for the most delicate gold, silver and plated jewellery. Ideal for belt buckles, handbag clasps, watches, tie pins, souvenirs, costume jewellery and all shining metal accessories made of gold, silver, white gold, etc.

  • Exclusively formulated for gold & silver-plated jewellery, accessories & other plated metals
  • Gentle even on the most delicate plated metals
  • Removes dirt, stains, spots & tarnish
  • Leaves protection coat finish
  • Non-corrosive & abrasive


  1. Apply a thin layer onto and soft clean cloth and polish away


Made in Germany

 Cleaning / Polishing

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Weight44 g

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