Electric Mosquito Cum Flying Insect Killer (500 sq ft.)



Electric Mosquito Cum  Flying Insect Killer (500sq ft.)

Electric Mosquito cum flying insect killer are highly effective in killing insects, fashionable and safe, which can create a pest free living space for consumers, avoiding the risk of Dengue fever without the need of any chemicals and poison.

How Does it work

Electric Mosquito and Flying Insect Killer can lure and capture mosquitoes by the Ultraviolet (UV) rays produced from the BLB UVA lamp. As the mosquitoes approach nearer to the unit, they are quickly drawn by the powerful suction fan.Once they are in the storage they cannot escape and will slowly die of dehydration.The specially designed black light tube (Ultra-Violet rays ) is completely harmless to human bodies and pets.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage : 230v – 50Hz
  • Power Consumption : 15 watts
  • UV tube type : G24 2U 11 watts
  • Tube life span : 8000 Hours
  • Coverage Area : 500 sq ft.
  • Dimension : 150 x 150 x 410 mm

 Pest Control


Additional information

Weight 1162 g

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