ENTA MMF Mosquito Block | 1 PACK


ENTA MMF Mosquito Block | 1 PACK

  • 1 Pack
  • Odourless
  • non toxic
  • Approximately 50mm x 25mm / 50grams


ENTA MMF Mosquito Block | 1 PACK


Mosquito Block – Non Toxic

Mono-Molecular Film (MMF) Mosquito Block

Dimension: approximately 50mm x 25mm / 50grams


A hassle free product that employs the latest MMF technology and is specially developed to tackle problematic stagnant water areas that breed mosquitoes.

Upon contact with water, it naturally sinks to the base and develops into a sticky outer skin that adheres itself to the base after 30 minutes.

This natural ability prevents it from being washed away and it is particularly useful in drains and rooftop gutters.

Recommended areas of application include man holes or inspection chambers, roof gutters, bird baths, swamps, retention ponds, lakes, sewers which hold water and places

where water is able to accumulate and provide mosquitoes a place to breed.


Advantages: Odourless, non toxic to mammals, birds and fish.

Each box contains 3 blocks


Coverage area: one block will cover 100m of surface area for a minimum period of 30 days



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