F6T5 Black Light Tube | 6w Ultraviolet UVA BLB


F6T5 Black Fluorescent Linear Tube Light

  • 6 watt
  • F6T5 black light
  • Ultraviolet UVA BLB
  • G5 socket base
  • Length 22cm
  • Ideal for banknote detection, insect trapping, ID inspection, Stage/Studio special effects.
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F6T5 Black Light Tube | Ultraviolet UVA BLB

F6T5 black light tube – BLB by contrast, are easy to spot with their dark blue filter that covers the bulb. The filter blocks most visible light, leaving only a faint violet glow when the bulb is turned on.
Area of application: Banknote detection, Instrument crack test, ID inspection, Capture of insects, Stage/Studio special effects

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