Enta Mosquito Granules | 150g



Enta Mosquito Granules

Enta Mosquito Granules

Mono-Molecular Film (MMF) Mosquito Granules
This product is specially formulated to kill Aedes, Culex, Anopheles, Midges and many different species of mosquitoes during their larvae/pupae stages.

A granular mosquito control product that is developed to extend its mode of application too hard to access areas, small holes and dense vegetation areas whereby smaller pieces of MMF is required to join and extend its coverage area.

The granular form extends the coverage range to include nearly all variety of habitats, allowing easier treatment of hard to reach mosquito breeding habitats.

Advantages: Non-toxic, Environmentally friendly, Odourless, Completely degrade and no residue, 10x more coverage

Contains: 150 grams


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