Green Laser Pointer | 1 x AAA Battery



Green Laser Pointer Keychain | 1 x AAA Battery

Green Laser Pointer, a high quality laser that adopts the latest technology in green laser optics and microelectronics. Use laser pointer to point at any desired targets, projection screens or video monitors. It is also commonly used for presentations, museum and construction inspection. Power saving, light weight, portable design, suitable for putting in your pocket,handbag or use the metal buckle to hook on backpack or haversack bag.  

Product Descriptions

  • Max Output Power < 1000mW
  • Working Voltage – 1 x AAA Battery  
  • Wavelengh ∼ 532nm
  • Length 9 cm 
  • Diameter 13 mm
  • Laser Radiation, Avoid Direct Eye Exposure!
  • Keep Away From Children Reach !

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