Handheld High Pressure Shower Head Set | Black | Water-saving! Save up to 40%


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Handheld High Pressure Shower Headset consists of : Shower head, 1.5 m Shower Hose, Bracket & nails

🚿 You can experience up to 5 comfortable spray modes and one button water stop switch allows you to stop the water quickly, can be arbitrary switchable settings, the water flow with a small size is sensitive, and the water flow is soft and comfortable when it hits the body.

🚿 The PVC shower head consists of a standard liquid silicone nozzle that ensures an even flow of fine water and clean, dirt-free water.

🚿 Water-saving high pressure shower with strong pressure, the principle of the turbocharger fan is designed to improve the inner structure of the shower and increase the inner air pressure of the hand shower. Ideal for children’s showers, senior showers, pet showers, bath and cleaning applications.

🚿 The high-pressure mixed water flow in the shower, which protects the skin from burns and is more comfortable

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